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Radio Station Empowers Latvian Community with New Speaking-Only Format

In a significant and community-focused move, Radio Tauta is proud to announce a transformative shift in its broadcasting format, dedicated to amplifying the voices and stories of the Latvian community.

Radio Tauta Season 4 graphics with hot air balloon.
Radio Tauta 4. sezona

Starting 01 October 2023, Radio Tauta will cease its regular music programming and transition to a speaking-only format, ushering in a new era of meaningful conversations and cultural exchange for our Latvian listeners. This change reflects our commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing a platform for the Latvian diaspora to share their experiences, insights, and perspectives.

"We recognize the importance of creating a space where the Latvian community can connect, discuss, and celebrate their heritage," said Asatuurs Keim, Radio Tauta's founder. "By adopting this speaking-only format, we aim to facilitate dialogue, promote understanding, and empower Latvian voices to be heard."

This decision aligns with Radio Tauta's core values of diversity, community engagement, and the power of communication. It comes after carefully considering the needs and desires of our audience and the broader Latvian community.

Radio Tauta wishes to express sincere gratitude to its dedicated listeners and supporters. We understand this change's importance and are committed to ensuring that our programming continues to inform, inspire, and unite the Latvian community in the United Kingdom and around the globe.

To our valued partners, please note that we will work closely with you to explore new opportunities within this speaking-only format and create meaningful connections with our audience.

For inquiries or additional information, please get in touch with us here.

Radio Tauta is a Brighton-based radio station serving the Latvian community and celebrating diverse cultures. With over three years of broadcasting history, we are committed to providing quality programming that informs, entertains, and unites our listeners.

Our core values:

  1. Integration: It promotes the integration of Latvians into their adopted communities while preserving their cultural identity. The radio station is inclusive, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures to participate and engage in Latvian culture and heritage.

  2. Cultural Heritage: It is dedicated to preserving and promoting Latvian cultural heritage, including traditions, music, and arts. The station emphasizes the importance of the Latvian language as a means of communication and cultural treasure.

  3. Connection to Home: It strives to create connections between Latvians worldwide, fostering a global Latvian community. It bridges Latvians living abroad and their homeland, connecting them to their roots and homeland culture.


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